Citrix 7.x Power Managing XenApp Machines Oneway

Came across an oddity since working with 7.x XenApp farms. In our case, we have several XenApp Deployment Group that contain PVS Machines. I have these set to reboot once a week to keep the cache manageable. Of course they reboot in offpeak, so Citrix decides to power off a number of them because they aren’t needed—but doesn’t power them back on.

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Changing the Storefront Timeout

Going from XenApp 6.5 to XenDesktop 7.8, I made the transition from using ICA connections to the Storefront presentation for our thin client users. The problem was the Storefront sessions were timing out. Our XenApp thin clients use hardcoded passwords based on Wyse variables, so the users do not know them. Sure, a restart would log them in again, but there must be a more user friendly option.

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DFS Namespace and Offline Files

Say you have a site that is connected to the data center with low-latency fiber-no VPN. Now, say the use a DFS Namespace link for all their files. Users are mostly engineers creating run programs for automated cutters and users loading programs. They have been happily using this since they were acquired more than a year ago. And then, ALL OF A SUDDEN, their folder structure disappears! Only item left was the folder that used to contain their roaming profiles (after acquisition, we discontinued roaming profiles and copied their folder structure). Worse yet, it happens intermittently to many diverse users. Some with new engineering class PCs, some with laptops on decent wireless connections, and in between. Seems to be no way to reproduce itself and fixes itself after a few minutes.

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Citrix Published App Opens and Immediately Closes or Opens Twice and Quickly Closes

This one took awhile to figure out. The initial behavior suggested other issues.


A little background:

I am building a new 7.8 Site with PVS. The site components were working fine, except for the PVS image’s published application. They would open then immediately close. There wasn’t any indication of an in error in the event log. Upon closer (and quicker) observation, it could be seen that two applications were opening at the same time and closing.

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