Adding a static Domain to the Citrix Director sign-on page

I am going to guess most people run a single domain environment. If you don’t I am sorry, I really am. So why does Citrix make you type it everything by default – especially if you have a long domain?


Luckily, it is easy to make the field automatically filled in. This will probably be common sense to some more webcoding individuals than it was to me.

You will want to edit the LogOn.aspx file in the Director IIS directory (C:inetpubwwwroot).


<asp:TextBox ID="Domain" runat="server" CssClass="text-box" ></asp:TextBox>

You should change that to:

<asp:TextBox ID="Domain" Text="YOURDOMAIN" readonly="true" runat="server" CssClass="text-box"

You can see we add text to the box, then make it readonly so it can’t be altered. If, for some weirdo reason, you have a small set of users that need a different Domain from most of your users, but you want a default domain, you can simply change the it to readonly=”false” to make it editable.

Now, just copy this file and overwrite the LogOn.aspx files on the rest of your Director servers.



Source: CTX139896

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