New ViewSonic Raspberry Pi Thin Client SC-T25

I was excited to get my hands on one of the SC-T25 as soon as I saw it at Synergy. My preorder arrived last week and I just got the chance to hook it up. Here’s my first impressions.

Image from ViewSonic’s product page.

Many of us running a large thin client deployment have been playing with the idea of using these wonderful, cheap, and reliant devices in place of more expensive “Zero Client” machines. When I first got my first gen Raspberry Pi, one of the first things I did with it was install Receiver and launch a VDI. It worked, but it worked even better when we got the Raspberry Pi 3. It was more of a curiosity though. There were no enterprise-level management tools with support. We weren’t going to be able move our large population of XenApp users to a Full unmanaged Linux Desktop environment. Any sort of kiosking would have created a support mess i didn’t want to be the final support for. So you can imagine, I have been waiting for one of the more established Thin Client providers to release a viable Pi TC.

That’s what the SC-T25 intends to be. Built on a Pi 3 platform, it should be able to handle a solid experience. And with out-of-the-box HDX “optimization,” I had high hopes.

Packaging from Amazon was plain. White boxes all around-but as an enterprise facing product, that is easily forgiven. The unit itself is a sort of flimsy plastic that wasn’t all the way snapped together until I fixed it. Included instructions told you how to plug it in, but that’s as far as they went. How do I set it up?

It boots to an open Chrome set to ViewSonic’s homepage. From here, I was able to type in the Storefront address and log in and launch the apps. No noticeable input lag. Simple, but effective. Kiosked web browser to download ICA files and launch sessions. Although if you need to install certificates or set up the WiFi, it’s not immediately clear how this is done.

At Synergy, I remember discussing the enterprise management tools with the rep. He said the Pis will be managed within ViewSonic’s VDM. I installed this on a clean Windows Server 2012r2 VM. Having no experience using their management tools before, the program does not try to make itself clear. It seems to only have an autodiscover (that does not find the Pi) and no one to manually add. As far as the client is concerned, I cannot seem to find a way to set the VDM manually from that side.

The user guide linked on their site ends in a 404 error, so I guess I will be able to sample their support now. Hopefully, my next post will be about how to set the thing up to help anyone going down this path.




Not a good sign. Sat waiting for a support chat session and finally got this:


Now I have to submit a web form and we will see how quickly that happens.

2 thoughts on “New ViewSonic Raspberry Pi Thin Client SC-T25

  1. Every find out about installing the certs? I’ve been using the VDM utility on the T25 itself and it says the certs install properly but I still get trust errors when I try to fire up an ICA session. ViewSonics support has been less then helpful so far and of the three units we purchased to test, one already had a micro SD card get corrupted and one shipped with no micro SD card in it at all. Not looking very good at this point.


    1. Unfortunately, I could never get a reply from ViewSonic. At this point I took the SD card out and repurposed the Pi hardware for a Subnet scanner. I can say from my experience, Viewsonic’s support is not ready for an Enterprise scale rollout of their products.


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