Updating Files with Robocopy when DFS is Out of the Question.

Recently, I have had to start Robocopying from a restore point of a file server. I need to seed data from a server whose physical hardware can’t handle DFS being turned on. I also wanted to be able to continue updating the data from newer restore points until the sync could fall inside an acceptable maintenance window. This has the added benefit that the restore point can be mounted on another system, keeping the file copy away from a machine known to have File IO issues.

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Cannot Remote Desktop to after VMTools install

The VMware admin installed VMtools on one of the XenApp servers today. Afterwards, all RDP sessions closed as soon as they were opened. The message was simply that the session had been disconnected.

Nothing in Event Viewer on Client or Host. Services started and running.

Turns out the video driver hadn’t installed correctly. Previous restart attempts did not fix it. A simple uninstall of the video device from Device Manager and reboot fixed the issue.